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Program Organization

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Practical education by lecturers invited from the business sector

Invited lecturers with considerable experience at related companies will offer the full-year class “Practical Exercise for Environmental Problems.” They will provide practical lectures on the impact assessment of water environment, the problem of spread pollution material and biochemical water quality change, and the process design of desalination plants and effluent treatment plants, applying the Problem Based Learning (PBL) method.
In addition, “Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment” and “Advanced Data Assimilation” will be offered as elective subjects in the [Water Environment Conservation Program]. They will give students scientifically valuable insights as to the diagnosis and prediction of water environment. In the meanwhile, “Advanced Membrane Technology” and “Advanced Application of Membrane Technology” will be offered in the [Water Treatment and Water Use Program]. They contain the process of technology development and the know-how of patent acquisition in the real business world.

Broad knowledge and applicable thinking skills acquired in cooperation with other graduate schools

The core course of this program is offered by the department of advanced engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering (Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, and Chemistry and Materials Engineering Program). Additionally, the Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Environmental Studies, the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Economics, and the Graduate School of International Health Development cooperate and offer related classes for broad knowledge necessary for the training of highly specialized engineers who can contribute to the conservation of water environments and sustainable use of water resources.

Cooperation with other universities

Environmental Problems B Practicum” offered in the second semester of the first year is conducted in cooperation with the Center for Marine Environmental Studies of Ehime University, the Faculty of Environmental and Symbiotic Sciences of Kumamoto Prefectural University, and the Graduate School of Engineering of Hiroshima University.

Strong support through industry-academia-government consortium

The program offered by the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University, brings attention not only from students in China and South Korea but from industrial, academic and governmental fields, as a unique program of fostering competent water environment engineers needed in the Asia region. By signing a partnership with leading companies in the field of water environmental technology, Nagasaki University makes every effort to offer practical education smoothly such as a long-term internship and lectures by businesspeople.

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