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  • Water Environment Conservation Program
  • Water Treatment and Water Use Program

Advanced Japanese water management technology can be used to conserve Earth's environment.


When it rains, water flows through forests and rivers into the oceans. Water evaporates from these oceans into clouds and falls back onto the Earth as rain. To ensure the safety and quality of the water in this cycle we need to consider two important aspects: how we can safeguard the integrity of this cycle and how we can treat and recycle used water. This project aims to train students to become experts in the following two fields: "Water Environment Conservation" and "Water Treatment and Water Use".
Japan experienced environmental problems such as pollution of rivers and oceans during its high-growth period. In the process of solving these problems, knowledge was accumulated and advanced technology developed. Utilizing this knowledge and technology in Asian countries will be greatly conducive to sustainable growth in these countries and contribute to the conservation efforts of Earth's environment. These are some of the goals this program hopes to accomplish.

The program takes advantage of the prominent water environment technology of Japan in order to solve
these problems about conservation of water environment and sustainable water use.

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