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Fellowship of Project for the Fostering of Proficient Researchers for the Establishment of the Research Center for Green Science, at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University

The Graduate School will start the aforementioned fellowship project from April 2021 as a part of the “Founding Project of University Fellowship for Innovation in Science and Technology”. It strategically enhances the circumstances of doctoral students through the fellowship with (1) living support for focusing on research (1.8 million JP-yen) and (2) connection to job opportunity to secure a career path after the completion of the doctoral program. It aims to foster doctoral-level talents who will become future leaders in maintaining and strengthening the excellence and diversity of fundamental academic research as the source of value creation.
The purpose of the fellowship of “Project for the Fostering of Proficient Researchers for the Establishment of the Research Center for Green Science” comprises the follows.

We aim to form an international fundamental research center in fields such as resource, energy, drug discovery, molecular engineering, and environmental engineering based on material science, by supporting doctoral (PhD Engineering degree) students in these fields. In addition to joint research at universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas, the doctoral students will actively co-author international peer-reviewed papers. We aim to train researchers to solve global problems; we aim to produce young researchers who will be active in international academia and industry, to improve Japan's international research capabilities and competitiveness.

In this project, a maximum of 6 students from 1st year of the doctoral course at the Department of Science and Technology (3-Year Program, enrollment capacity 15 people) and 3rd year at the Department of Advanced Technology and Science for Sustainable Development (5-Year Program [the so called “Green Scientific System” major], enrollment capacity 5 people) will be selected for eligible payment from April.

Fellowship Payment

2.1 million JP-yen for each fiscal year (1.8 million JP-yen of living support for focusing on research + 300 thousand JP-yen of research expenses).

Selection of New Fellows

We will recruit applicants immediately after the announcement of successful winter-examination applicants for the doctoral program at the Department of Science and Technology. That is, the application form will be sent to those who are eligible to apply in December of the year before payment begins.

Eligibility of applicant

Eligible applicants include those who enrolled in the Department of Science and Technology in October of the year before payment begins, and those who are underlined above during April of the payment year. Working students, JSPS research fellows, and government-sponsored international students, etc., are NOT eligible. For details, please contact office staffs of the graduate school. In addition, you must be under 30 years old on April 1, the beginning date of the payment.

Application forms

Forms to be submitted before the deadline in early January include: Declaration of the Application for the Fellowship, Declaration on Personal Financial Situations, Research Plan Proposal, and Self-Evaluation Report by the Applicant. The forms should be filled in according to the specified formats, and accompanied by a Reference Letter from the intended supervisor of the doctoral degree.
_In the Research Plan Proposal, the applicant should describe, for example, “Applicant’s research and its results to date”, “List of Applicant’s research papers, conference presentations, and awards to date”, and tentative plan for the research at major overseas universities in, e.g., Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, etc.) or North America (USA, Canada, etc.) for at least three months.
_In the Self-Evaluation Report by the Applicant, in addition to the self-evaluation, the applicant should answer the question: “What is needed to solve global issues, or to develop the ability to play an active role in international academia and industry?”

Selection policy

Those who have excellent research ability and are sharply focusing on their research.
In the selection, personal financial situations may be taken into consideration, especially for the foreign students. The applicants from the Department of Advanced Technology and Science for Sustainable Development are given a very small amount of priority points, though the selection in principle emphasizes the grades of Research Plan Proposal and Self-Evaluation Report by the Applicant.

The results of the examination will be disclosed at the end of January.
If there are less than 6 people selected in the January round, we will conduct an additional selection round at the beginning of April.
If a person forego the fellowship payment during the 3 (or 2.5) year study, another candidate for the remaining period may be recruited.

Career path support for fellows

The graduate school is committed to improve the research capabilities and to secure and support career paths of the fellows.

Inquiry should be sent by e-mail to”.