Graduate School of Engineering

Admissions Policy

Master's degree Department of Advanced Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Advanced Engineering has an educational aim with the fundamental principles of "As an engineering education and research base that contributes to the development of the technological society in coexistence with nature, we foster engineers who can flourish globally by acquiring highly specialized practical skills and promoting original research to create a variety of intellectual values."

Accepting graduates into the Schools of Engineering, our education aim is therefore to train highly specialized engineers and researchers with high internationality to meet the demand of industries and society.

The characteristics of the educational content in order to achieve our goals are as follows;

  1. Acquirement of interdisciplinary knowledge, a wide range of deep expertise, excellent English presentation ability, research ability, and technological creativity is targeted.
  2. By organizing one major with six programs (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer and Information Science, Structural Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Chemistry and Materials Engineering) to be able to respond rapidly to the demand of industry and society, realization of education with emphasis on the foundation of professional education and training of human resources through an education system that combines the expertise of highly specialized courses are aimed.
  3. Establishment of coherent connection of educational program through the Bachelor Degree Program and the Master's Degree Program to cultivate researchers and advanced technical experts and engineers who fit the foundation of the international industrial field is made.

We seek highly enterprising students with a clear understanding of our fundamental principles, educational goals, and educational contents, aiming at acquirement of a robust basic knowledge and academic skills of each discipline and knowledge of advanced technology, as well as having a strong willingness to carry out research.

We evaluate various aspects of each candidate by implementing a recommendation-based admission examination, general entrance examination, and entrance examination for overseas students as part of the thorough process of selecting suitable candidates.