Exchange Universities

Jeju National University
We have been actively carrying out academic exchange with Jeju National university in the fields of fisheries and marine science for a number of years.
However, we also have an increasingly strong exchange of engineering knowledge, highlighted by "The 11th Joint Symposium between Nagasaki University and Jeju National University on Science and Technology "which was held by co- hosted by both university`s Engineering faculties at Nagasaki University in June 2010. The first Symposium was held in 1992
Fuzhou University
Fuzhou University is an engineering based university located in the city of Fuzhou, the provincial capital of Fujian Provence. With deep ties to Nagasaki, there have been numerous reciprocal visits of delegations, led by Nagasaki University, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Vice President of Fuzhou University. We have been exchanging researchers and students ever since an agreement was formed between both universities in March 1992.
Politecnico di Torino
We have had academic exchanges with Politecnico di Torino mainly in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering so far. We have also obtained excellent result from the cooperated research funded by the EU.
University Federico II of Naples
With the University of Naples, we have been exchanging researchers and knowledge continuously over the years. More recently, we have also been actively conducting joint research as well as exchanging of researchers in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering-related fields.
Tongji University
Numerous joint seminars and graduate exchanges have taken place by both Tongi University and Nagasaki University. An increased number of such exchanges are expected with an imminent update to our academic exchange agreement. In the future, we will commence joint research related to the social infrastructure maintenance technology and conservation of the urban environment as well as the promotion academic exchange and human interaction (such as conducting of international symposiums).
Kangwon National University
Research exchange has actively been conducted with Kangwon National University for many years. Both undergraduate and graduate exchanges have taken place, and we have an excellent record of mutually beneficial reciprocal visits.
Tianjin University of Science and Technology
With Tianjin University of Science and Technology we have participated in joint research, exchanged many researchers, and collaborated mainly through the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. Presidents of both universities have also been on courtesy visits.
Yeungnam University
With Yeungnam University, we have primarily had an academic exchange in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Since the agreement for exchanges for the purpose of advancing the creation and development of friendly academic exchange society in 1993, International Symposium has been held on regular basis.